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Let me just say modestly I Love Amanda Perez so much! I mean I get all school girl talking about her. There are few cds that I like every song on um…but both of Ap’s Cds are hot and I love every song on each one. Plus I think she is Hella hot! And I realize now that the reason I dated Bee is because she looks a lot like her..dresses like her etc etc etc. I finally told Bee that I was sexually attracted to her because she looked like AP and she said she knew that lol I post a pic where she looks just like her later…. Man I want this chic to be my baby moma! Do you KNOW what I could do to this girl??

Average..everyday Amanda

Average, everyday Amanda..


Something about a boi…

Can I get your numbeR!!???

Can I get your number!!??

I need to calm down lol

This is how Bee always dressed…Sexy Thug!

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